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You Are Important So Is The Clothing You Put On Your Body

Our skin is the largest organ we have.  It takes in so much of the world around us, and that includes many harmful chemicals.  We are exposed to those every day in the clothing we wear and the bedding we sleep in that is colored with toxic dyes and made with synthetic fabrics.  I use all natural dyes to bring color into the natural fabrics and yarns which I then provide to you.  Treat your body, and the body of the Earth that holds you, with safe, beautiful color!

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Embracing the Beauty of the World Around Me

Many of you have been with me since the early days of my fiber adventure. Panzer, pictured, was one of the first German angoras I had, inspiring the Indigo Angora logo.  As change comes to all things, I am planning to move away from angora and all things rabbit for a shift to more sewing and dying.  In the days to come I will be building this new website to reflect those shifts.  Thank you for your patience as we switch gears back to my sewing roots.


Some Inspiration with More to Come

I will be adding information in the coming weeks about clothing, natural dying, spinning and mending.  Local folks can still find my angora at Twilight Fiber and Yarn.  I will also be at some upcoming fiber events with natural fiber, naturally dyed, second hand clothing.  


Naturally Dyed Fabric

Fabric and clothing dyed with plant, fungus, lichen, and insect dyes.


Naturally Dyed Fiber and Yarns

Locally raised and gathered wool, angora, alpaca and other fibers, loose or spun into yarns.  


Mending and Embroidery

Keep your clothing going as long as you can.  I will lovingly mend sweaters, clothes, bedding ,and even your favorite Pendleton shirt.

Passionate About Elegance and Beauty Design

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